A Smart Gateway to Effortless Luxury

VRX 360Nov 20, 2023

Chennai's real estate revolution, VRX Smart Homes stands as a pioneer, transforming traditional living spaces into futuristic, tech-integrated marvels. These homes redefine convenience, offering seamless home automation blended with technology that simplifies the average resident's daily life.

Home Automation at Your Fingertips

VRX 360 Smart Homes doesn't just promise smart living; it delivers. With lighting, climate control, security, and entertainment – all effortlessly managed with a touch or a simple voice command by a state-of-the-art home automation system called Viara. The virtual assistant acts as a personalized aid, responding to commands and making amenities easily accessible via an intuitive app.

Beyond smart features, VRX goes the extra mile with added conveniences:

Cloud Kitchen Services:

Catering to busy lifestyles, VRX enables gourmet meal orders through their app, delivering culinary delights prepared by professional chefs directly to residents' homes.

Laundry Services:

VRX gives its residents the next level of convenience with its seamless laundry services. Schedule pickups, track cleaning progress, and have fresh, clean clothes delivered right to your door, all at the tap of a finger.

The Smart Choice for Homeowners:

VRX 360 offers a world where technology serves your every need, with homes that redefine convenience, and luxury meets affordability. VRX Smart Homes – because living smart shouldn’t just be a dream; it's your reality.

Vijay Raja stands as one of the most respected names in Tamil Nadu's real estate sector, with a 72-year legacy of bringing smiles to people through unmatched quality services, and innovative solutions. Offering a wide range of affordable projects, VRX offers incredible features to fulfill the dreams of today's home buyers.

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