Benefits of using the VIARA App

VRX 360Jun 20, 2023

In this tech-enabled world, it can be a Real Estate trend or the advancement of technology, using a mobile application, particularly for an apartment, is shifting the lives of residents to another level of comfort. Here are a few benefits of the VIARA app, a mobile application created especially for the residents of VRX Magna by Vijay Raja Group. Let’s dive into it. 

- Guest Management

Gated Communities like VRX Magna have too many residents walking in and out of the Community quite often. Apart from that, the footfall of the guests, helpers, babysitters, tutors, caretakers and delivery persons is comparatively higher than the residents. Given the situation, it is a herculean task for security personnel to remember all the faces and allow the right person into the community. 

To ease the situation, provide a safe environment and maintain security standards, the guest management facility comes into the picture. Through the VIARA app, the residents feed the information of the guests and get notified of people visiting their apartments. This facility assures the unwanted intrusion of strangers and the safety of the residents.

- Sports & Entertainment 

When a gated community like VRX Magna offers you 100+ indoor and outdoor amenities like a Badminton court, Basketball court, Futsal, Snooker, Box Cricket, Sauna Room, Play Station, Yoga & Meditation spaces, Gym, Swimming Pool and many more, your weekend plans, daily exercise, relaxing routines, anything you name it is sorted. You can book anything on your favourable time slots through the VIARA app in advance and enjoy it to the fullest without any interruption. 

- Maintenance 

With ample amenities, the need for maintenance becomes a priority. It is often a hectic procedure and needs careful attention. Apartments like VRX Magna provide 5-year free maintenance that makes life easier for the residents. If some unpredicted faults like water leakage or the need to fix lights and pipes happen, one need not worry about it. Through VIARA, the residents can book plumbers, electricians and other necessary support and service persons in one click and experience a seamless lifestyle. 

- Co-working space

Does the constant distraction from personal work and the disturbance from family members and others disrupt your productivity? Relax, it just takes a few clicks to throw away your worries. Magna homes allow you to make the most of your work from home option with its futuristic and serene Co-working space facility. Book your co-working space slot in the VIARA app and have a productive and hassle-free working time. 

- Home Automation

Wanted to have your air conditioner turned on before you arrive home? Forget to lock your home in a hurry? Want to showcase some magic with lights? The perfect combination of home automation and the VIARA app fulfils all your wish with just a few clicks. The advancement of technology has made our lives more enjoyable and comfortable.  

Apart from the benefits mentioned, there are other things like booking an appointment with a doctor in the community clinic, booking a multipurpose hall and booking for shuttle service that can be made easier with the VIARA app. If you are looking for an apartment for sale in Chennai or newly constructed flats for sale in Chennai, then VRX Magna will suit your needs with its best-in-class 100+ amenities. Hurry up and book your dream home now!

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