The bliss of ownership: A guide for nuclear families realizing their dreams

EXURBFeb 02, 2023

Acquiring a home is an emotional decision to make more than a logical one. Especially in a developing nation like India, home ownership signifies a success story to everyone. It signals ‘stability’ in a society where all nuclear families are aiming for the same. As the Indian economy improves every decade, more nuclear families find themselves in the middle-class bracket where they too have opportunities to acquire a home for themselves and their families. Coupled with the fact that India has one of the highest youth populations in the world and potentially the highest numbers of nuclear families in any democratic nation of the world, India can be taken as the ideal case study for nuclear families realizing their dreams of home ownership. Query terms such as ‘Best Gated Community apartments in Chennai’ are seeing more traffic than terms such as “studio apartment in chennai” With the rise of modernisation, the improvement of the economy and the urbanization of our communities, nuclear families are not rising and the joint family system is slowly disappearing in India. As a result, people are nowadays aspiring towards a quality independent lifestyle with their nuclear families, and because of this, the demand for residential properties has increased.


The unique needs of a nuclear family are different from those of a joint family. For instance, ensuring maximum utilization of space is a major criterion in the home-buying decision of a nuclear household. Many property developers are building properties with this factor in mind for nuclear families.


Many young couples and families who work during the day are always concerned about the safety of their homes and most of all their children’s safety as well. So a deciding factor for many nuclear families is the safety of their apartments. This is why many developers install the latest security technologies in the form of CCTV cameras overlooking the residence. This is another reason why some of the best gated community apartments in chennai are on the rise.

Access To Social & Work Infrastructure

Another crucial factor in choosing a home is the proximity to daily necessities such as hospitals, schools, offices and colleges etc., Commuting to work or school can take hours in a busy city depending on where you choose to stay, so it is a lot more efficient to choose a home which is close in proximity to all of the above.

Sense Of Community

Probably the most important factor of all in choosing a home for a nuclear family is the community surrounding the home. Parents will ideally want to be a part of a healthy community where their children can grow up in and also be a part of. A community plays an important role in the development of a child. It can also be the best place for new friendships, social gatherings and daily activities. This is why gated communities are on

the rise, because everyone is helpful towards each other because they want to be a part of a friendly community. This is one of the primary reasons why people search for query terms such as ‘best gated community apartments in chennai’ are on the rise as compared to just ‘studio apartment in chennai’

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